£10 For Sale

Selection of carp rods

This advert is located in and around Blackpool, Lancashire

Advert Description


2 ngt carp max rods,2 sections,2.75llb t/c 12ft 20£

Red wolf carp rod 11ft 2 sections 2.25t/c 15£

Hook and reel 12ft 3 sections 2.5lb t/c 17£

2 no name carp rods 2 sections 12ft ?? T/c 20£

RAM carp rod 2.5t/c 2 sections 15£

2 brand new ngt carper rods 2.75llb t/c 12ft 15£ each or 2 for 25£

2 brand new ngt carp max rods 2.75llb t/c 12ft 17£ each or 2 for 30£

1 fusion expert carp rods 2.5llb t/c 12ft 20£

2 zebco cool carp rods 2.5llb t/c 11ft 15£ each or 2 for 25£

Brand new dynamo compact 3sections 2.5llb t/c 12ft 12£

Zebco cool carp rod 3 sections 2.75 t/c 12ft 12£

lineaeffe pro racer carp rod 3llb t/c 12ft 15£

Lineaffe pro lotus 12ft 2 sections 3lb t/c 15£

Hook and reel 11ft 3sections 2.5 lb t/c 12£

Silstar mx 2 sections 11ft 1.25t/c 15£

Mastercast specialist sx 2sections 12ft 2.75t/c 15£

2 Leeda carp rod 2 sections 12ft 2.75 t/c 40£

Chapmans c.s.t deluxe carp rod 12ft,2 sections,3.5 t/c 50£

ngt carp max rod 2.75llb t/c 12ft 10£

Hook and reel carp rod 11ft,3 sections,2.5lb t/c 15£

Dragon carp rod 12ft,2 sections,2.5lb t/c 18£

Carp/pike rod 12ft,2 sections,2.75lb t/c 15£

ngt carp max rod 12ft,2 sections,2.75llb t/c 10£

TF Gear X2 12ft,3lb t/c,2 sections 30£

Shimano Alivio DX Marker Rod
12ft 3lb t/c,2 sections 30£

2 Nash hooligan-Xs carp rod,2sections,12ft 2.75t/c 60£

Sonik SKS Black Spod Rod
12FT,4.5lb t/c,2 sections 40£

Prologic Classic Carp Rod,12ft,2 sections 25£

2 Sonik sks carp rods 12ft 3lb t/c,2 sections 60£

Additional Information

This advert has no additional information available. Why not get in touch with Shane to request more…